St.Pauls elementary school
St.Josephs middle school
St.Pauls high school
Idhaya collegefor women
Arockia nursing college
Arockia hospital

Home for Children

Fr.Leveil home for children
St.Joseph's home for girls


Franciscan sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary
Congregation of Immaculate Conception
Servite Convent

St.Paul's High School.
We started the high school in the year 1999 thanks to the bishop of Sarugani and the efforts of the people.More than hundred students  attend 10th standard public  examination every year and the results are really excellent.

St.Joseph's Middle School :
The 114 year old school is doing yeomen service to this region. Servite convent is a name known to every member of this area and the people appreciate the service rendered by them.

St.Paul's Elementary School:
The school was started in the year 1917. “Education and service towards God”is the motive of this school.More than 100 students are studying here.The people are aware that education is a must for their children for their bright future.
Pongal vizha

Fr.Louie Leveil Home for Children :
The purpose of this Home is to educate the poor and downtrodden and uplift them giving the basic education and character. There are more than 100 students in this home from around Sarugani.The inmates of the Home are mostly from broken families. The infra-structure facilities are slowly improving due to the generosity of the donors.

Pious Associations

Parish Council :
Parish Council  consist of the representatives of Anbiums  ,  Pious associations,  substations and the religious. The feasts and the special activities are discussed and executed. The financial status of the parish also discussed.
associations,  substations and the religious. The feasts and the special activities are discussed and executed. The financial status of the par

Anbium(Basic Christian Community) representatives:
The village  is divided into 12 anbium and the church activities are executed through them.

Vincent De Paul society:
The purpose of the society is to help the poor in the region irrespective of caste or creed. They adopt the poor families in the parish and help them every month .They also introduce economical programme to alleviate the poverty of the people.This is possible through the generosity of the people.

Leveil Friends Club [LFC]:
Sharing is the basic concept of LFC.It was started in the year 2004 having the name of Fr.Leveil who spent his life for the poor.This is to follow his footsteps and whatever is collected will be distributed to the poor as early as possible.

Legion of Mary :
Started in the year 1983. Legion of Mary is now having 35 members. Every Sunday they gather and visit the houses in the village, pray for the sick and also do the counseling to the family members when necessary under the guidance of Rev. Sisters.

Madha Sabai:
  This is meant to gather the youth and utilize their energy for the sake of the parish under the guidance of the parish priest.They keep the church clean and participate in all the activities of the parish including the feasts.

Narkarunai  Veera Sabai:
Started in the year 1995. This sabai is guided by the sisters of the servite convent.This is to improve the personal spiritual growth and to enthusiastically participate in the activities of the church.

The Darlings of Jesus:
Started in the year 2005.The children are trained to participate in the spiritual activities conducted in the church .They are guided by the sisters of the servite convent.